Herbert Wurmb

Herbert Wurmb

Herbert Wurmb joined his parental business "Elektronik Werkstätte Ing. Wurmb" in 1971, immediately after his graduation. He has been the MD since 1979.

After completing the HTL TGM in Vienna in telecommunication engineering and electronics, he finished his master craftsman's certificate in 1978. In 1985, he passed the master craftsman's certificate in mechanical engineering. In 1991, he was awarded the Silver Merit Medal of the Republic of Austria. He was also awarded "Entrepreneur of the year 2001" in the trade sector. This award is initiated annually by Bank Austria, business magazine "Trend" and the Austrian chamber of commerce.

Norbert Machherndl

Norbert Machherndl

Norbert Machherndl started his career at Sykora Software Consulting in 1996. He already worked as a management consultant for "Elektronik Werkstätte Ing. Wurmb" and in 1997, he could be won over to join as the operations manager. In 2009, he became the managing director of Wurmb GmbH.

After completing the HTL for mechanical engineering in 1100 Vienna, in 1996, he graduated as an engineer in business administration and mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Vienna.

"Our staff members' know-how and our long-term experience are the basis of our success.“

"Optimizing established methods and the deliberate use of new technologies are the basis of our special customized solutions.“

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