• Standard model range from 6,2mm to 30mm
  • Customised models
  • Temperature range -60°C to +320°C
  • Sample delivery to large-scale series production

Bimetal-snap-action-discs are temperature-sensitive actuators, which activate an electric contact or cause a mechanical action. The temperatures at which the discs switch on/off are user-specifically determined during manufacture. This results in an economical, reliable and precise switching element. Bimetal-snap-action-discs are made of thermostatic bimetal and have a dome-shaped curvature. When the temperature is increased to the upper snap temperature (TOS), they reach an unstable state and snap into the opposite vault. When cooled to the lower snap temperature (TUS), the Bimetal-snap-action-discs behave conversely. This makes fast and precise switching operations possible and allows for reliable switching of high current in electric applications.

Our Product Range:

Snap Temperature Range:-60°C to +320°C
Accuracy of snap temperatures:possible to +/-1.0°C
Material thickness: 0.1mm – 0.4mm

Standard types:

The following standard models are available on short notice and without tool costs:

Outer Diameter
Applicable Hole / Nub
192,0 / 2,2
19,82,5 /4,5
30,02,0 / 3,2 / 4,2 / Nub

All standard models are also available without hole/nub.

Customised sizes and shapes:

Round shape:up to 30mm diameter
Other shapes: up to 33mm outside diameter

Depending on the application, electrical contacts or mechanical elements may be welded onto the bimetal-snap-action-discs.

Users of bimetal-snap-action-discs are:

  • Thermostat manufacturers
  • Household appliances and white goods manufacturers
  • Motor and lamp manufacturers
  • Manufacture of miniature circuit breakers, overload relays and motor-protection
  • Automotive industries
  • Manufacturers of battery chargers
  • etc.

Examples of use for bimetal-snap-action-discs:

  • Temperature controller
  • Temperature limit switches
  • Overheating protection
  • Current-sensitive overload switches

Besides these typical standard applications, bimetal-snap-action-discs find use in various mechanical and electrial functions, such as:

Central heatingautomated air bleed valves
Water supply in the developing worldoptical display for water disinfection
Pharmaceutical industryoptical display to check cold chain
Automotive industrytemperature-sensitive bypass valve in diesel filters
Automotive industryre-settable electric fuses
Filter coffee machinesinlet valve for the preparation of boiling water
Cateringsafety drain valve for deep fat fryers
Steam ironanti-drip valve
Hot water kettlemechanic-electric switch-off device
Washing machinedelayed door-lock
Cable drumoverheating protection while cable is on the spool
Refrigeration compressormotor protection switch, current & temperature-sensitive
Miniature circuit breakertrip device