Production Systems and Testing Equipment for Bimetal-Snap-Action-Discs

Our product range comprises all equipment required for the complete manufacturing process, starting with the thermostatic-bimetal-strip, all the way to the finished bimetall-snap-action-disc, including measuring and testing facilities as well as automated punching and forming machines.

The shape and size dependent punching tools and forming tools are customised designed and manufactured.

We consistently perfect our skills, using experiences gathered during our own production of bimtel-snap-action-discs and customer feedback

Stanzautomat SA 4

Punching Machine SA 4

Fully automatic punching and stacking of bimetal-snap-action-discs

  • Coiling/uncoiling reel
  • Camwheel controlled strip feeder
  • Easy to change punching tools
  • Full functionality monitoring

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Max. stripwidth: 40mm
Capacity: up to 11,000 pcs/h


Punching Tool

Compound die block tool or step by step punching tool 

  • Tungsten carbide cutting partsl
  • Regrinding only necessary after at least 2 Mio. strokes
  • Easy to change palette
  • Double-sheet monitoring
Automated Contact Welding System WA 2

Automated Contact Welding System WA 2

Machine for welding 1 or 2 contacts on to bimetal-snap-action-discs, equipped with:

  • Coiling/Uncoiling reel
  • Sorting device and pick&place units for contacts
  • Longlife special welding head
  • Medium frequency electric welding generator
  • Complete functionality monitoring
  • Welding parameter monitoring

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Capacity approx: 3.200 parts/h

Automated Forming and Testing System CLICKQUICK 30

Automated Forming and Testing System CLICKQUICK 30

Automated system for forming and testing bimetal-snap-action-discs with the following functions:

  • Forming – pre-aging - 100% testing – selection
  • Adaptive control loop for the forming process
  • Complete functionality and result monitoring
  • Connectivity to QS-systems

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Max. bimetal-snap-action-disc perimeter diameter: 33mm
Capacity: up to 4.000 pcs/h

Sample Test Equipment CLICKTEST 10

Sample Test Equipment CLICKTEST 10

Device for the measurement of snap temperatures

  • Automatic measurement and result analysis
  • Connectivity to QS-systems
  • Solid-state measuring head
  • Cooling: compressed air / liquid CO₂
  • Heating: electrical
Sorting & Selection Equipment CLICKSCREEN

Sorting & Selection Equipment CLICKSCREEN

Equipment for sorting bimetal-snap-action-discs

  • Manual or automatic loading
  • Selection according to 4 different temperature limits

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Laboratory Measurement Device CLICKPLOT 4

Laboratory Measurement Device CLICKPLOT 4

Device for the automated recording of the temperature movement characteristic of bimetal-snap-action-discs:

  • Measurement of unstrained discs
  • Measurement  under load simulation
  • Adjustable temperature profile
  • Automatic calculation of key figures

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Temperature range: -50°C - +350°C
Measurement range: 4mm