Testing Systems for Contactors

Automated systems for testing of electrical and mechanical characteristics of contactors and their finishing operations.

  • Processing in batches or lot size 1 without loss of capacity
  • Fixing of specimen with automatic DIN rail fastening in the position of use
  • Coil voltage: 6V to 660V AC & DC
  • Up to 8 contacts, N.O. and N.C. function freely selectable
  • Easily adaptable to different styles of contactors

Testing and Processing Functions:

  • Startup cycling of coil prior test
  • Contacttravel and anchor-position measurement, optional classic mechanic methode or high-speed laser measurement
  • Testing of the contact sequence
  • Evaluation of bouncing behaviour and timing
  • Evaluation of humming
  • DC coil resistance using Kelvin-contacts
  • Currentconsumption of coil
  • Evaluation or measurement of ON / OFF voltage
  • Simple or advanced high voltage testing
  • Labelling and Marking of specimen
Testing System for Contactors SPG2

Testing System for Contactors SPG2

  • Pick up of specimen from 5 conveyor belts
  • Handling with 6-axis-robots

Capacity: approx. 220 pcs/h

Testing System  for Contactors SPG4

Testing System for Contactors SPG4

  • Feeding and delivery of specimen via conveyor belts
  • Loading and unloading with cartesian handling device
  • Testing in lot size 1 without capacity loss

Capacity: approx. 300 pcs/h