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Forming insert for forming automat CQ30.

Insert for forming, aging and measuring bimetallic snap discs.

• Automatic insertion, tempering, forming, aging, measuring and selective ejection of bimetal-snap-action-discs
• Forming temperature +40°C bis +145°C
• Forming stamp and counterpressure stamp can be exchanged quickly
• Measuring springs for loading the snap disc during the measuring process can be exchanged quickly

Note: Forming tool can only be used in combination with a CQ30 forming automat.


Standard versionForming insert for forming automat CQ30 according to customer specification.
Options & Accessories
  • Provision of different forming stamps
  • Provision of necessary auxiliary materials (temperature control medium, corrosion protection, lubricating oil, ..)
CapacityAchievable pieces per hour depend mainly on the functionality and setting of the forming automat.
Capacity forming automat CQ30: up to 4.000 pieces / hour
Prozess input
  • Bimetall strip with pre-punched and re-pressed discs
  • Bandwidth: max. 40mm
  • Diameter bimetall disc max. 33mm
Process flow and detailsForming, aging, measuring and selecting bimetall-snap-action-disks.
Important: Forming tool can only be used in combination with a forming automat CQ30.
Process output
  • Bimetal-snap-action-discs
  • Snap temperatures: -50°C to + 250°C
  • Accuracy of snap temperatures: +/- 1.5°C to +/- 10°C
  • Selected in good and bad parts
  • Bulk material or in magazine
InterfacesInterfaces to the forming automat CQ30
  • Mechanical attachements for connection to the forming machine
  • Fittings for connecting the temperature control lines of the thermostat
  • Electrical connector of the integrated forming temperature thermometer
Environmental conditions
  • Industry standard. Indoor.
  • Temperature: + 18°C to + 30°C
  • Relative humidity: < 70% non-condensing
Dimensions and weigth
  • Dimensions (Width x High x Depth): approx. 400 x 400 x 400mm
  • Net weight: approx. 10kg