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Pneumatic thickness gauge
Type 201-03

Item 20721

Pneumatically operated thickness measuring device with definable measuring force for measuring the thickness of pressure-sensitive objects.

• Very high measurement accuracy.
• Pressure regulator for accurate and stable pressure
• Pressure display: analogue, easy-to-read manometer,
• Measuring jaws: size selectable according to options. Jaws easily interchangeable.
• Ergonomic design for easy handling
• Interface for integration into QS systems


Dimensions and weight
  • Dimensions: 60 x 170mm, 460mm Length
  • Weight: 3.9kg
Standard versionThickness measurement
  • Measuring range: 0 - 100 mm (throat: 40 mm)
  • Measured value display: digital, LCD display, resolution 0.01 mm
  • Reproducibility of the measured value: +/- 0.02 mm
Measuring force
  • Compressive force: 60 - 450N at 6 bar (60 - 338N at 4.5 bar)
  • Pressure display: analogue, large field of view (63 mm diameter), resolution 0.2 bar
  • Pressure regulator for automatic setting of the measuring force (very accurate and stable)
  • Interface for integration into QS systems
Options and accessoriesAvailable measuring jaws
  • 3mm x 40mm
  • 5mm x 40mm
  • 10mm x 40mm
  • 20mm x 40mm
  • Round jaws with 6.3 mm diameter
  • Round jaws with 8 mm diameter
  • Special shapes and/or dimensions on request
  • To avoid damage to the measuring object, the edges of the measuring jaws are chamfered.
Available Mounts
  • Table stand
  • Suspension with spring compensation
Additional Devices
  • Pressure switch box for 2 pressure ranges
Process input
  • Pressure-sensitive objects up to a cross-section of 100x80mm
  • such as magnet wires, twisted pair conductors (CTC) and similar objects
ProcessMeasurement procedure
  • Position the object to be measured between the measuring jaws.
  • Measuring jaws move together pneumatically and squeeze the object to be measured with the set measuring force.
  • Measured value is displayed digitally in [mm] or in [inches].
  • Repeatability of the measurement is +/-0.02mm.
  • Compressed air: 6.5 - 10 bar. Free from oil, water and dust.
  • Integrated Mitutoyo standard interface.
  • Adapters for RS 232 / V24 or USB interface available.
Environmental conditions
  • Industry standard. Indoor.
  • Temperature: + 18°C to + 30°C
  • Relative humidity: < 70% non-condensing
Maße und Gewicht
  • Dimensions: 60 x 170 mm, 460 mm length
  • Weight: 3,9 kg