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Fully Automatic System SPGB1
for Testing, Printing, Marking and
Ultrasonic Welding of contactors

Functions and assemblies:
• Automatic removal from the tray stack with robots including tray handling and tray identification
• Mechanical testing of product thickness
• Check whether rivets and bolts are present
• DMC reader for reading the serial numbers
• Function and high voltage test for 5 different terminal diagrams
• Without measuring and evaluation electronics for hum measurement, but incl. Acceleration sensor
• Armature stroke measurement using an inductive sensor
• Ultrasonic welding of the rivets of one type
• Pad printing with thinner control, pad cleaning and motorized X/Y table
• Labeling laser for side printing
• Labeling laser for nameplate and terminal pressure including Z-axis adjustment
• Print image control system with 2 cameras for pad printing and laser marking
• Check reading DMC - page printing
• Check DMC serial number
• Conveyor belt i.O.
• Conveyor belt n.i.O.
• System lighting with LED light strips
• Safety cladding with electromagnetic safety switching elements