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Micrometer with 30-100N measuring force
Type 2668-00

Item 39085

Hand-operated micrometer with definable measuring force for measuring the thickness of pressure-sensitive objects.

• Easy adjustment of the measuring force
• Very high measurement accuracy
• Measurable objects up to 25x36mm
• Measured value display analogue or digital (optional)


Standard version
  • Measuring force: 30 - 100N (adjustable)
  • Measuring range: 0 - 25mm
  • Projection: 16mm
  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.015mm
  • Measured value display: analogue
  • Micrometer spindle pitch: 0.01mm
  • Resolution of the 0 gauge: 0.001mm
  • Spindle: Analog. Pitch 0.5mm. Ø 8mm.
Options and Asseccories
  • Digital spindle. Pitch 0.5mm. Diameter: 6.35mm.
  • Measuring jaws: Ø6.35mm or Ø8mm
Process input
  • Pressure sensitive objects up to a cross section of 25x36mm
  • such as magnetic wires, flat conductors, CTC's and similar products
  • Insert specimen
  • Close micrometerspindle until the zeroindicator is pointing 0
  • Read the dimension of the specimen on the micrometerspindle

The calibration is necessary if the measuring force is to be changed
  • Adjust the required force on the lefthand red coloured scale ( 100 = force 100N )
  • Turn the micrometerspindle to position 0.00mm
  • Turn zeroindicator dial to 0
  • The instrument ist now ready for measurement
Environmental conditions
  • Industry standard. Indoor.
  • Temperature: + 18°C to + 30°C
  • Relative humidity: <70% non-condensing
Dimensions and weight
  • Dimensions: 78 x 264 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 890 grams