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High Preassure Thickness Measuring Gauge [HDMG3]
Type 3543-00

Dickenmessgerät mit hoher, definierter Messkraft, entwickelt für die praxisgerechte Dickenmessung von CTCs während des Fertigungsprozesses

Technical description

  • Measurement of the CTCs during the production process
  • Measuring range: 40mm
  • Measuring jaw height: 90mm
  • Measuring force: 300N - 22,500N (adjustable)
  • Two measuring surfaces for thickness measurement under force
  • One measuring point for non-contact thickness measurement using an optical laser
  • Evaluation of the bulge and the dimensions of the CTC
  • Measuring platform with automatic adjustment of height and inclination to the position of the CTC
  • Intuitive user interface for highest user friendliness