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High-Voltage Test Chamber for Wires - HSVK1

Automatic high-voltage test bench for multi-pole cables on rings or on coils

• Suitable for cables with up to 4 wires plus shield.
• Test options:
- Monitoring of the correct wire connection
- DC test: 800V to max. 8,000V, max. 31mA
- Defects - Burning with DC power source: 1.000V, max. 250mA
- Defects - determination: by DC resistance ratio measurement
- AC test: 500V to 5,000Veff, 50 Hz, max. 2 Aeff, designed for capacitive load
• Test room: easily accessible, secured by 3 high-speed roller doors
• Robust connection head for the wires to be tested
• Automatic result data storage and test parameter handling
• Automatic test sequence and automatic setting of the test voltages
• Ethernet connections for IPC, SAP terminal and printer
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