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High Voltage Test Stand for multipole cables and wires
Type HSVK1

Item: 39091

• Cable on drum or on rings
• Suitable for cables up to 4 wires plus shield.
• Test features:
- Monitoring of the correct wire connection
- DC test: 800V to 8,000V, max. 30mA
- Fault position: Determination with DC resistance ratio measurement
- Fault position: Burning with direct current
- AC test: 500V to 5,000Veff, 50Hz, max. 2A, designed for capacitive load
• Test room: easily accessible, floorlevel, loading from 3 sides
• Robust and heavy duty connection head for the wires and shield to be tested
• Storage of result data and test parameters
• Customer specific datahandling and -storage possible
• Automatic test sequence and automatic setting of the test voltages and parameters
• Size of testchamber, inner dimensions: 1,3m x 1,18 m, 2,1m high


Teststand for high voltage insulation test on multipole cables.

Specification test items
Cable on drum or cable on rings.
Cables with up to 4 wires plus shield can be contacted and tested.

Test chamber easily accessible
Automatic high-speed-rolling-doors on three sides of the test room enable loading and unloading of the specimen at floor level without any step. Handling can be done from 3 sides with a forklift or trolley.

Two robust and heavy-duty connection heads grant easy, quick and reliable connection of wires and shield.
Correct connection and continuity of each wire is checked automatically.

Test Options
  • Connection test (low voltage 24VDC)
  • Fault detection test (if a fault was detected already with the low voltage test)
  • DC test (inkluding a Burn-In-function of a possible fault and following a fault detection)
  • AC test - selectable (combined DC and AC test)

Test Parameters
DC test: 800Volt up to 8,000 Volt max. 30 mA
AC test: 500Volt up to 5,000 Volt 50 Hz, designed for capacitive load and maximum 2 Amps.

For each test sequence, up to 6 test-steps can be defined. For each test-step the DC- and AC-Voltage level and time can be defined and which wires shall have HV-potential or GND.
These test-steps can be stored in the database of the machine and they can be used for different cables and wiretypes.

Result data
Testparameters and results are stored automatically.

External communication/ data exchange
Data exchange is implemented via CSV files, using an FTP-Server

Option, not includet:
Communication via MySQL database

Option, not includet:
Customer specific communication (has to be defined and implemented)

Dimensions and Weight
Size of testchamber, inner dimensions: 1,3m x 1,18 m, 2,1m high
Rolling doors opening: 1.1m wide, 2.1m high

Floorspace: approx.2.05m x 2.2m,
Height: approx. 2.6m
Weight: approx. 1.200 kgs

Electrical Power
3 phase 400V + NL + PE, 50Hz .. 60 Hz, 17kVA, other Voltages on request
required voltage stability: better than +/-5%
Backup fuse: 63A, type C

Scope of delivery
Completely functionable teststand including:
  • All necessary safety measures,
  • Controller software,
  • Controller IPC with screen and keyboard