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• Standard model range from 6,2mm to 30mm
• Customised models
• Temperature range -60°C to +320°C
• Sample delivery to large-scale series production


Our Product Range
Snap temperature range: -60°C bis +320°C
Accuracy of snap temperatures: up to +/-1,0°C possible
Material thickness: 0,1mm to 0,4mm
Standard typesThe following standard models are available at short term** and without tool costs:
Disc Diameter [mm]Center Hole Diameter [mm]
Ø 6.2Ø 1.25
Ø 7.8Ø 2.0
Ø 12.7-
Ø 14.0Ø 1,8
Ø 17.0Ø 2,2
Ø 19.0Ø 2,0 / Ø 2,2
Ø 19.8Ø 2,5 / Ø 4,5
Ø 25.0-
Ø 25.4-
Ø 30.0Ø 2,0 / Ø 3,2 / Ø 4,2 / Nub


All standard models are available with or without center hole.

* Disc with Ø 30mm is available with or without nob.

** short term: as long as raw material is available (in stock).

Customised sizes and shapesCustomized sizes and shapes:
Round shape: 7 to 30mm in diameter
Other forms: up to a maximum of 33mm perimeter diameter

Switch elements
On request, elctrical contacts or mechanical elements can also be welded onto the bimetallic discs on request. This would require the planning of a corresponding automatic welding machine.
Examples of use for bimetal-snap-action-discsClassic application of bimetall-snap-discs:
  • Temperature controller
  • Temperature limiter
  • Over temperature protection
  • Current sensitive circuit breaker

In addition to the classic applications, bimetal snap disks are increasingly being used in mechanical and electrical applications:
  • Heating technology: automated air bleed valves
  • Water supply in developing countries: optical display of water disinfection
  • Pharmaceutical industry: optical display for checking the cold chain
  • Automotive industry: temperature-dependent bypass valve in diesel filters
  • Automotive industry: resettable electric fuses
  • Automotive industry: overtemperature protection in the cooling circuit
  • Filter coffee machines: inlet valve for the preparation of boiling water
  • Gastronomy: safety drain valve for deep fat fryers
  • Steam iron: anti-drip valve
  • Hot water kettle: mechanical-electrical switch-off device
  • Washing machine: door lock with time delay
  • Cable drum: overheating protection while cable is on the spool
  • Refrigeration compressor: motor protection switch, current & temperature-sensitive
  • Miniature circuit breaker: trip device for overcurrent shutdown

Typical users of bimetal snap discs are:
  • Thermostat manufacturer
  • Household appliances and white goods industry
  • Motor and lighting manufacturers
  • Manufacturer of circuit breakers and motor protection switches (circuit breakers)
  • Automotive industry
  • Manufacturer of battery chargers
  • etc.