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Breakdown-Voltage Testing Device
Type HSV 824-3 / 824-05

Device for determining the insulation effect or breakdown-voltage of insulated copper conductors and similar products.

• Simultaneous testing of up to 5 test objects
• Test voltage: up to 20,000V AC
• Quick and safe contacting of straight and curved conductors using a ball bath
• Freely definable test profiles (voltage profiles)
• Einstellbare Breakdown sensitivity
• Independent high voltage sources
• Easy parameterization and operation
• Automatic test sequence
• Automatic unloading of the test object after each test
• High operational reliability even in harsh industrial environments


Standard version
  • Device with 3 test sections (triple device)
  • 1 ball bath per test section for contacting straight and curved test objects
  • User interface: DE, EN
Options and Accessories
  • Device with 5 test sections (5-way device)
  • Additional water baths to the ball baths
  • User interface: other languages on request
Process input
  • Insulated copper conductors (copper rods, magnetic wires, CTC or similar products)
Process flow and detailsTest procedure
  • Insert straight or curved specimens in ball baths and contact them
  • Close the cover of the test chamber
  • Start the test
  • The cover of the test chamber is locked
  • Test voltage is increased according to the specified voltage-time profile until the insulation layer breaks down
  • Test sections and contacted test objects are safely unloaded
  • The cover of the test chamber is unlocked
  • The breakdown voltage of each test section is displayed on the monitor
  • Mains voltage: 1x230V+N+PE, 50Hz AC
  • Electrical power: approx. 1.2 kW
  • Note: Other mains voltages and frequencies on request
Environmental conditions
  • Industry standard. Inner space.
  • Temperature: + 18°C to + 30°C
  • Relative humidity: < 70% non-condensing
Dimensions and weight
  • Dimensions (approx.): Width 1,850mm x Height 2,000mm x Depth 950mm
  • Weight: approx. 400kg