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Insulation tester
Type HSV 281

Mobile test device for the detection of insulation faults in multi-core cables.

• Mobile test device for flexible local use
• Safe and quick contacting of the test object using hand-held test pistols
• Test voltage: 100 - 2,000V DC (adjustable)
• Test time: 0.5 to 10 seconds (adjustable)
• Check regardless of the line capacity
• Break down sensitivity adjustable
• Automatic start of the test after contacting
• Manual unloading of the test object after the test
• High operational reliability even in harsh industrial environments


Standard versionUser interface: DE, EN (other languages on request)
Prozess input
  • Multi-core cables and similar products
Process flow and detailsTest procedure
  • Contact the test pistols to the wires to be tested
  • Test starts automatically (start is signaled acoustically and optically)
  • Contacted wires are supplied with test voltage for the test time
  • The test ends automatically (the end is signaled acoustically and optically)
  • The result of the test is shown on the display
Process outputNote: If there was a breakdown during the test, the insulating layer of the contacted wires is faulty.
  • Mains voltage: 1x230V+N+PE, 50Hz AC
  • Electrical power: approx. 0.4kW (kVA)
  • Note: Other mains voltages and frequencies on request.
Environmental conditionsIndustry standard. Indoor.
Temperature: + 18°C to + 30°C
Reclative humidity: < 70% non-condensing
Dimensions and weight
  • Dimensions (approx.): Width 830mm x Height 1,140 x Depth 860mm
  • Weight: approx. 90 kg