Our mission

Customer Satisfaction

We see our customers as partners and listen and respond to their needs individually. Mutual trust, handshake quality and long-term cooperation with our customers is an intrinsic part of our corporate philosophy.

Our Team

It is our employees who have made our accomplishments possible. Motivation, esteem, trust and continuity are ingredients of the perfect recipe that is our team. Its members show great commitment, act responsibly and identify themselves with the company.


We have comprehensive know-how in inspection and manufacturing technology and continuously develop our technological processes. We strive towards an ideal mix of innovative and established technologies to provide the best options.


Our work is focused on reliable processes that are in constant development and are supported by all the members of our team.


Naturally, we fulfill our delivery agreements, as well as provide service after delivery.


Long-living and technically mature quality products are our trademark.
We handle resources with care, economise and operate in a sustainable manner.
We offer continued service to our customers for years.
We modernise our machines and constructions.
We emphasise continued steady company development.

Safety and environment

Environmental awareness already plays an important role when we design and develop our machines and processes, as we try to handle natural resources with care. The following points are especially important to the management and are supported by our employees:

  • Design and develop machines that can be handled ergonomically and with ease
  • Handle natural resources with care
  • Cooperate with government authorities and administration and comply with laws and regulations
  • Ensure workplace safety and train employees at regular intervals