Nothing but the Highest of Qualities!

High quality in all activities of our company is one of the most important factors leading to our success. This is reflected in all our actions.

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We are ISO 9001-certified

Our department for bimetal-snap-action-disc production has been ISO 9001-certified since 2004. The effectiveness of our quality management system is ensured through regular internal and external audits.

We guarantee a long working life for our products

Careful planning, substantiated evaluation of solution approaches, detailed documentation, robust design, precise implementation, high-grade materials and experienced, highly-motivated employees are the foundation for the longevity of our products. Because of long-term service agreements, the quality of our service is en par with the quality of our products.

We implement preventative measures

All employees work self-reliantly and with foresight. Through team effort we ensure the perpetual quality of our products. Problems are analysed carefully and solved successfully.

We evolve constantly

We continuously develop and re-develop our products, explore new areas of applications and improve our internal processes.

We test our product thoroughly and extensively

In order to guarantee full functionality and longevity, our products leave the workshop only after we have ensured proper functioning through comprehensive trials.