Engineering & Production

Together with our clients we work out customised solutions in the areas of product development and production – from the idea to the finished product. Our team have the experience and specialised knowledge in order to put into effect all desired requests in a high quality, relevant, personalised and cost-efficient way.
  • Analysing of customer requirements
  • Task analysis & project planning
  • Feasability studies
  • Implementation of customer-design to the production
  • Mechanical design and construction
  • Electrical design and implementation
  • Software development
  • ERP supported organisation and documented completion of configuration, production and commissioning
  • Mechanic and electric production with state of the art production equipment
  • Compilation of production documentation
  • Assembly and final inspection
  • Commissioning
  • Turn-key delivery

Some Of Our Successfully Implemented Projects

  • Re-engineering of customer scheme-designs to make it suitable for production
  • Assistance for optimization of production processes
  • Measuring and testing devices
  • OEM production of special light-barrier-systems for harsh environment condicions
  • OEM production of video analysis systems for the most harsh environment conditions
  • Development and production of a position-monitored valve for gas
  • Development of a test setup for the simulation and measurement of human breathing for scientific purposes
  • Development of innovative manufacturing processes for mechanical high-security locking systems