Testing and Calibration Systems for Electrical Switchgears

Our portfolio ranges from simple manual devices to complex automated systems for the testing, calibration and finishing of electrical switchgears.

Testing and Processing Functions

  • Contact-travel- and contact-timing measurement
  • Calibration and testing of tripping times
  • High voltage insulation testing
  • Marking and printing with Inkjet- or laser systems
  • Functionality testing
  • Final assembly and finishing

Tailor-made Machinery and Installations

We customise according to our clients’ needs.

  • Sequence of functions
  • Testing specifications
  • Capacity
  • Connectivity to pre- and post-positioned machines and installations
  • Integrated labelling and marking devices
  • Finishing operations i.e. opening/closing of terminals, screw sealing etc.
  • Manual or automated handling

Advantages Overview

  • Fully automated processing- and testing sequences
  • Compact design, no external switchbox
  • Industrial PC with ethercatbus as main controller
  • Database for testing- and processing-parameters
  • Automated setup for different specimen models
  • Scanning of product serial numbers via barcodes or DMC
  • Database for testing- and processing-results
  • Statistical analysis
  • Connection to in-house LAN for the further processing of QS-data
  • Self-monitoring system including high voltage functions checks