Systems for Calibration, Testing and Finishing of Miniatur Circuit Breakers

Automated systems for the calibration and testing of tripping functions and finishing operations of singlepole and multipole miniatur circuit breakers
  • Nominal current range: 1A - 64A
  • Tripping characteristic: Z - D, E
  • Processing in batches or lot size1 without loss of capacity
  • Feeding and delivery of specimen via conveyor belts
  • Automatic return of calibrated specimen and subsequent measurement of the tripping time
  • Cooling zone with forced cooling

Calibtration and Testing Functions

  • Functionality checks
  • Calibration of current latching including automatic correction
  • Testing of tripping time
  • Testing of short circuit latch by triggering with hold and trip current
  • High voltage testing of contacts and body

Finishing Operations

  • Sealing of the calibration screw
  • Open or close the terminalscrews.
  • Printing of type label and approbationsign labels
  • Laser or inkjet coding