• Standard model range from 6,2mm to 30mm
  • Customised models
  • Temperature range -60°C to +320°C
  • Sample delivery to large-scale series production

Bimetal-snap-action-discs are temperature-sensitive actuators, which activate an electric contact or cause a mechanical action. The temperatures at which the discs switch on/off are user-specifically determined during manufacture. This results in an economical, reliable and precise switching element. Bimetal-snap-action-discs are made of thermostatic bimetal and have a dome-shaped curvature. When the temperature is increased to the upper snap temperature (TOS), they reach an unstable state and snap into the opposite vault. When cooled to the lower snap temperature (TUS), the Bimetal-snap-action-discs behave conversely. This makes fast and precise switching operations possible and allows for reliable switching of high current in electric applications.